Activities from lighthouse stevns

Teamleader of event.: Lars Erik Hinrichsen, OZ1FJB - OU2V.

  • The activity of the ILLW - International Lightship Lighthouse Weekend, takes place at the 3rd. weekend of august, every year.
  • Our club has now worked this event for 5 years on the site of Stevns Lighthouse, DK0021.
  • We start the event with at the site on friday afternoon, ending at sunday afternoon.
  • We are active with SSB, CW and different digimodes, WSPR, FT8 and JS8.
  • The setup is in 2023 a 3band dipole in topmast, and wire dipole for 40/80m
  • Secondary we have 2 minor setups with digimodes on GP´s. All wit 100w power.
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    Gammel Hastrupvej 24b


    email.: kontakt@oz7ham.dk

    Target qrg´s and modes for oz0q

    CW: 3520/5353/7020/10120/14020/21020/28020 KHz.

    SSB: 3720/5357/7120/14320/21320/28320 Khz.

    WSPR/FT8/JS8 on formal freqs. EU.

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